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I am excited to finally have these books completed and available to you online. I began studying Oriental Medicine over 25 years ago and since then I have worked with thousands of patients. This healing practice allows me to make the connection between a patient’s symptoms and the organ imbalance responsible for the complaint. Who would ever guess that their occipital headache, hip pain and feeling of chronic frustration are actually a gallbladder imbalance? My intention in writing these books is to help you connect the dots and learn what your organs actually do, according to modern scientific understanding and ancient wisdom. They also give practical steps of how to bring them to a greater state of balance and health.

I have been providing a seminar on Love Your Organs, Love Yourself for many years. People would have to travel to the location, spend 5+ hours of their time, and spend over $100 for this information. Now, with these books you can have basically all the information you would have learned at a seminar for a fraction of the cost and also have a reference to turn to at home when you need to work on a specific health issue.

When you read these books I hope you get a sense of how amazing your body is. I hope that you learn the language that your body speaks so you can understand your symptoms and use the tools that you find, such as helpful foods and herbs, acupressure points and medical qi gong. The unique understanding of how organs are related to specific emotions is an epiphany for many people. Please use these tools tell others about these e-books so they can be helped as well.

I am also including in this series a book called America the Toxic. Many people are suffering because toxins in the environment, food and water are affecting our bodies. This book discusses specific issues such as artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, toxic animal products, hidden sources of heavy metals and much more. So learn about these toxins and avoid them as much as practically possible, and spread the word to others. This is of great importance to everyone but especially critical for pregnant women and children.

Warren King, L.Ac

About Warren

Warren King was raised in a medical family and began his premedical studies at Cornell University. Experimenting with tai chi, meditation and vegetarian diets made him question his healing path. Feeling that there were enough doctors utilizing drugs and surgery as their main modality in healing, he sought an alternative approach. He attended the University of California, Santa Cruz, majoring in psychology with a minor in religious studies. His focus was on dreams as well as transpersonal psychology. He also earned a California Holistic Health Certificate for massage and herbology in 1986.

His formal studies in Oriental Medicine began at the New England School of Acupuncture near Boston. He also attended the nearby Kushi Institute to study healing through food with Michio Kushi. He continued to study Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology under some of the finest Chinese medical doctors in the country at the Midwest Center of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. His internship included advanced Oriental medical doctors in Boston, Montana, and Chicago, and was completed at the Cook County Hospital Pain Clinic in Chicago. He received his national certificate to practice acupuncture in 1991.

For three years Warren practiced in a multi-disciplined medical clinic in Connecticut. He continued his studies by studying oriental diagnosis with Herman Aihara and traveling to Canada and Chicago for advanced training in auricular medicine and homeopathy.

With a growing family, Warren decided to relocate to Minnesota where he has been in private practice for the last 20 years. The addition of detailed custom-made diets, qi gong (an ancient art of internal energy circulation) and flower essences has allowed him to tap into even deeper levels of healing. He recently added an amazing new therapy, QNRT or Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy, which allows him to clear old emotional traumas from the brain, that are an underlying cause of many mental, emotional and physical problems. With constant refinement of his knowledge, tools and intuition, the results obtained with thousands of clients have truly been remarkable.

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