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Learn how to achieve a greater state of balance and health!

You’ll learn about the relationship between your organs and the elements; earth, water, metal, fire and wood. Learn how different foods affect them, the symptoms of unbalanced or unhealthy organs, and what you can do to help them.

This new book is written by Warren King, L.Ac, the internationally sought after natural healer. Warren has dedicated his practice to helping people make sense of their symptoms by learning to listen to and love their organs and their self. Now this valuable information is available in these beautiful easy to read paperback and iBook!

Warren King Radio Interview

by The Naseema Omer Show Saturday January 16 2016

Warren King Radio Interview

by Cathryn Taylor: Edge InnerView February 2016

I first met Warren King over twenty years ago when I was visiting the Twin Cities while on a book tour for my “Inner Child Workbook.” Since that time we have been colleagues and have become friends. I have a great deal of respect for Warren’s talents so I cannot tell you how thrilled I was that his brilliance and insight were finally captured in a delightful book entitled, “Love Your Organs – Love Yourself.”  This book not only teaches you the language of your body, it literally invites you to dance with your body. It is a work of art. The text itself dances on the pages with the finesse of Baryshnikov as words morph into poems and find expression through artistic images created by Warren’s wife, Paivi. “Love You Organs-Love Yourself,” reaches so far beyond the organs themselves. It engages every aspect of your being – from your physical senses to your child within to the intelligence of your soul. It is an invaluable resource book that can elegantly be placed on every person’s coffee table, and should be found in every person’s library!

Cathryn Taylor

MA, MFT, LADC | Akashic Records Consultant | Certified Practitioner of EFT, Author of “The Inner Child Workbook”

When you read these books I hope you get a sense of how amazing your body is. The unique understanding of how organs are related to specific emotions is an epiphany for many people.

Warren King